BBSI is an all-inclusive, pre-professional program designed specifically for male dancers ages 12-22. The program provides personalized training by internationally and nationally recognized instructors and professional dancers.

BBSI offers ballet technique, variations (repertoire), jumps and turns, weight training, and partnering. BBSI dancers will receive hands-on, individual attention in a limited class size.

We are thrilled to announce that Peter Stark, Olivier Muñoz, Patrick Frenette, and Olivier Pardina are our confirmed faculty for BBSI.

“IBA is my studio of choice when I’m on break from ABT. I enjoy working with the staff and students on projects or just taking class. I’m looking forward to working with Peter, Olivier Pardina, and Olivier Muñoz at BBSI this year.”

American Ballet Theatre Corps Member/Choreographer



BBSI requires all male dancers to submit photos for placement purposes.  Registration will be ongoing.

Female dancers have the option to participate in an in-person audition for the Girls Partnering Workshop on March 11th, 2017 at International Ballet Academy or provide BBSI with a YouTube video audition.

Due to limited class size, we encourage all dancers to complete and submit their forms and payment as soon as possible.




Named outstanding school in 2015 by Youth America Grand Prix, the International Ballet Academy is a professionally established ballet academy providing instruction in ballet technique, pointe, partnering, variations, men’s class, jazz, pre-ballet, and hip hop. Located in Cary, North Carolina, students attending IBA will discover a nurturing environment that will contribute to their development and success both inside and outside the ballet academy. IBA alumni are currently dancing with New York City Ballet, Tulsa Ballet, Sarasota Ballet, Carolina Ballet, and Colorado Ballet.



Fleecys is a family owned and operated business located in North Carolina. The very first pair of Fleecys were made for our son because it did not matter what dance store we went to, there was next to nothing available for the male dancer. Fleece was the perfect fabric for our products as we founded our business in Vancouver, Canada when our children were training to be dancers. As the children grew, so did the business. We relocated to California in 2008 and zeroed in on two products that would become our specialty: socks and legwarmers. We moved to North Carolina in 2012 and this past year, we moved into our own shop. Now that our son is a professional dancer and our daughter a ballet instructor, they have the opportunity to work closely with other members of the dance community on our design ideas. This provides us with invaluable insight as to how we can continue to provide quality products that meet the specific needs of both male and female dancers, student to professional!

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