What are the age requirements for BBSI?

Dancers attending BBSI must be between the ages of 12 and 19.  Dancers must be age 12 by the first day of the program.

How many years of training are required before attending BBSI?

Two years of ballet training are required before attending BBSI.

Will all attendees work with the entire faculty?

Yes, students will work with all faculty members.

Can I take photos and video of my child at BBSI?

No photos or videos are allowed at BBSI.  BBSI will share photos through our website, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.

Can I watch my child take class at BBSI?

We offer observation day on Saturday of both weeks of the program. One parent/guardian/family member is allowed per student. Parents will only enter the building for observation day or in the case of an emergency.

Is dress code mandatory?

Dress code at BBSI is mandatory.

Ballet Classes: Fitted white t-shirt, black footed tights, black ballet shoes, dance belt (Black socks can be worn if the socks meet the tights).

(No: tank tops, men’s leotards, large cummerbund, cut off tights, flesh-colored shoes, white ballet shoes, or white socks).  Please note: If suspenders are sewn on tights, suspenders must be worn under the t-shirt.

Weight Training: Loose fitting shorts or sweatpants to wear over ballet attire, dance belt, t-shirt or tank top of choice, sneakers.  Please note that sneakers are required to participate in Weight Training.

Please be clean shaven with neat hair.

Do dancers need to bring anything specific besides uniform?

Men must bring a braided resistance band (click the link for an example) for Weight Training. The level of resistance depends on the dancer’s age and strength level. If the dancer previously attended BBSI, re-assess resistance on the band to determine if a heavier resistance is needed for this year’s session. Men will also bring a standard theraband to BBSI. All dancers are required to bring a yoga mat.

Does tuition need to be paid all at once?

Yes, to reserve a spot at the program, complete tuition payment is due upon registration.

When does registration close?

Registration for BBSI will close when we reach maximum capacity. Space is extremely limited.

Are there scholarships available?

BBSI is a proud Partner Intensive at the American Dance Competition | International Ballet Competition. We exclusively award scholarships at ADC|IBC. Financial aid is not available.

Does merchandise need to be ordered in advance?

BBSI merchandise must be purchased in advance on the merchandise order form.

Does BBSI provide a dormitory or transportation?

BBSI does not provide a dormitory for students, and does not provide transportation to and from the studios and local hotels or Airbnb’s.

Is lunch provided at BBSI?

BBSI does not provide lunch for the dancers. Dancers can stay in the building to eat their lunch. Many local places deliver to the studio (Panera, Jimmy John’s, etc.).

Are there girls at BBSI?

Ladies attending the BBSI Ladies Workshop will have their own girls-only Technique and Variations classes. The only class where the girls would be combined with the men is Partnering.

Is there a performance at the end of BBSI?

There is no performance at BBSI.

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