• BBSI is a "must-do" for an aspiring male danseur. My son has been attending each summer for several years and BBSI is a true highlight of not just the summer but the year.  The technical growth that occurs is astonishing and on point. The teachers are diverse and exceptional in their personal corrections and devotion to each young man. Whether a young dancer or a seasoned professional- everyone gets the same respect and acceptance. The bond and camaraderie that develops between these young men lasts throughout the years and into their professional lives. The through planning and execution of a rigorous schedule is developed to cover every accept that the male dancer needs: exceptional training, focused and tailored classes for male-specific technique, conditioning, artistry development, informational seminars, and, of course, partnering. Men teaching men not just how to dance, but what it means to be a male dancer and their value in this world. Bravo BBSI!

    Elizabeth Shook Orlando Ballet School Teacher, Parent of Rafe King, Trainee with Orlando Ballet
  • What a wonderful week and experience for our son. He loved being surrounded by exciting and focused mentors and teachers, and flourished in the camaraderie of the group of boys. As amazing as lessons learned as the boys dance, the attention of the staff -- and their devotion to updates on Facebook and Instagram -- made things fun for parents, as it allowed us the chance to peek in on each day. Great job, BBSI!

    Stephen J. Brotschul III Parent, Son in Houston Ballet II
  • BBSI is the perfect intensive for any boys in ballet who want to get ahead. The work is intense, but never stressful. Everyone there is so kind and they work hard to make sure you grow over the week-long intensive. With classes such as weight training and an extra technical class for turns and jumps, it was impossible not to feel stronger by the end of the week. This program is very well organized and has exactly the right tools to strengthen the male dancer.

    Charlie Clinton
    Charlie Clinton Pennsylvania Ballet II / Former student at Ellison Ballet
  • BBSI is built for the aspiring male dancer. The classes, taught by masters of boys ballet, culminate into a week long intense training experience. What makes BBSI unlike any other program is the camaraderie between the dancers. This leads to a very challenging, yet respectful environment where each boy will improve and make lifelong friendships.

    Brooks Landegger
    Brooks Landegger Boston Ballet II
  • I have been to BBSI for the past 3 years and I can honestly say it's my favorite week of summer.  I have met so many friends from all over that I keep in touch with all year. The teachers are so great and the classes are very challenging.  I feel very comfortable talking to the teachers and getting to know them has been great.  I would recommend any male dancer try BBSI.

    Ethan Clarisey
    Ethan Clarisey Student at Canada's National Ballet School
  • BBSI was run beautifully! Top instructors made classes fun and the end results were wonderful! An all around wonderful program. This is an intensive that boys should definitely add to their lists!

    Susan Geiss Parent, Son in the CATS North American Tour
  • BBSI is a great way for young men to receive training geared for male dancers. The faculty at BBSI are amazing and the different classes are sure to get you coming back the next year! It’s an amazing experience and I feel that I have learned a lot during the BBSI program.

    Parker Garrison
    Parker Garrison San Francisco Ballet School Trainee
  • The faculty and staff have put together a fantastic program for boys who dance. My son met some wonderful dancers, who will remain his friends. Parents were included and encouraged to stay and watch class. There was so much guidance given to all the families. This was a very special week.

    Betsy Clarisey Parent, Son at Canada's National Ballet School
  • The best part of BBSI is the environment! After a week everybody knows everybody and everybody is helping you succeed. After my week in North Carolina I met boys from all over the country and I felt closer to the ballet community. The schedule of the day allows for long technique classes that let everybody get equal attention from all the teachers. The variations classes aren't only fun but with the teacher's expertise the class is focused on performing the steps. This intensive is a perfect week long course to focus on a men's technique as well as meet masters of the craft that are focused on making strong male dancers.

    Severin Brotschul
    Severin Brotschul Houston Ballet II
  • Unlike any other summer intensive. A must for intermediate and advanced ballet boys wishing to improve their technique and make connections and friends with like-minded male dancers. Boys will feel like family at BBSI and will receive excellent instruction from noteworthy teachers.

    Vanessa Doherty Parent, Son with American Ballet Theatre Studio Company
  • We had such an incredible time last year that my son wants to go again. I can't tell you how much he improved in one short week, thanks to the supportive family of teachers and staff. I recommend this to every boy dancer or parent of a boy dancer that I meet.

    Sarah Piner Parent
  • The faculty chosen for BBSI are not only some of the best teachers in the country for male dancers, but they model ideals that are just as important for these dancers to learn--professionalism and respect. Great air of camaraderie and fun here this week. Our son attended BBSI starting in the pilot year in 2015 and has loved it each time.

    Amy Milne Parent, Son at The Royal Ballet School
  • I am beyond proud to say that my son has attended BBSI, a First Class and extremely impressive summer intensive specifically geared towards the male dancer! BBSI and it's incredible staff make you feel welcome and part of their incredible "family" from first contact. The World-Class faculty was stellar and amazing! WOW!!! My son won't soon forget! What a true gift for these young men.  BBSI has put so much meticulous effort in planning and organizing this event to ensure each and every danseur takes home the best possible male danseur experience that I truly am grateful and honored to have been part of this inaugural event. My son has taken invaluable knowledge and experiences home with him. The ongoing support and open-door policy they provide is priceless to danseurs and their families! I cannot tell you how excited we are to come back next summer! This is an intensive your son should not miss!  Thank you from the heart, BBSI! What you offer these young men and their families is priceless.  We are forever grateful for all you've done and continue to do!

    Josée Leslie Parent
  • This is a top notch Summer Intensive! I highly recommend this for any male dancer wanting additional training in August. It's only a week long, but it packs a punch! Amazing instructors and the class sizes are perfect and allow for individualized corrections and hands on training.

    Jessica Campbell Parent, Son at The Washington School of Ballet PTP
  • Boys Ballet Summer Intensive was designed to provide an engaging and educational program for young male dancers who seek a higher level of classical ballet training. They’re challenged in their daily classes, but the real inspiration for these aspiring male dancers lies in the camaraderie and bonds they make with each other. Men are essential in ballet companies, and there is no better way to prepare these students for professional life than providing them with an all-inclusive and intense working environment where they can train hard, dance hard, and have fun. Guys being guys, at the ballet studio... a dream come true.

    Patrick Frenette
    Patrick Frenette American Ballet Theatre Corps de Ballet
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