BBSI North Carolina

August 5 – 10, 2019 (Week One)
August 12 – 17, 2019 (Week Two)

BBSI North Carolina 2019 is two weeks long and is for male dancers ages 12*-19.  Dancers must have at least two years of ballet training to attend.  Hosted at the International Ballet Academy in Cary, North Carolina.

*Dancers must be age 12 by August 5, 2019.

Dancers will have the option to attend both weeks, or choose one of the two weeks to attend.  A tuition discount is offered to families who attend for both weeks.


BBSI North Carolina 2019:

Week 1: Peter Stark, Jock Soto, Jeffrey Rogers, Patrick Frenette, Maxim Ponomarenko

Week 2: Jock Soto, Patrick Frenette, Maxim Ponomarenko, Cameron McCune


Daily classes:

  • Ballet Technique
  • Variations
  • Weight Training / Stretch
  • Jumps & Turns / Meet the Artist / Informational Seminar
  • Partnering


BBSI North Carolina 2019:

Dancers must be between the ages 12* – 19 and must have at least two years of ballet training to attend.

*Dancers must be age 12 by August 5th, 2019.


BBSI North Carolina 2019:

One week (Session A or B): $500.00
Two weeks (Sessions A & B): $850.00

Please note that tuition is nonrefundable.


No audition is required to attend BBSI. Submission of photos upon registration will be required to get an idea of what the dancer looks like. (Audition/performance photos are recommended, i.e. arabesque, etc.). Dancers can alternatively take a drop-in placement class at IBA in Cary, NC.

There will be a placement class on the first day of each session at BBSI North Carolina (Session A: Monday, August 5th, 2019 and Session B: Monday, August 12th, 2019).  


Ballet Classes: Fitted white t-shirt, black footed tights, black ballet shoes, dance belt

(No: tank tops, cut off tights, flesh-colored shoes, white ballet shoes, or white socks).  Please note: If suspenders are sewn on tights, suspenders must be worn under the t-shirt.

Weight Training: Loose fitting shorts or sweatpants to wear over ballet attire, dance belt, t-shirt or tank top of choice, sneakers. Please note that sneakers are mandatory.

For BBSI North Carolina, We request that the men bring a braided resistance band (click the link for an example) for Weight Training. The level of resistance depends on the dancer’s age and strength level. If the dancer previously attended BBSI, re-assess resistance on the band to determine if a heavier resistance is needed for this year’s session. Men should also bring a standard theraband for this class.

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