BBSI 2022

August 1-13, 2022

BBSI 2022 will be hosted in Cary, North Carolina at International Ballet Academy. The program is for male dancers ages 11*-21. Dancers must have at least two years of ballet training.
*Dancers must be age 11 by the first day of the program.


To apply for BBSI, dancers will be required to submit the following photos: a tendu à la seconde and an arabesque en l’air. We will assess the dancer’s level and physique, and then dancers will either be sent a link to register, or will be placed on a waitlist. We may ask for a video submission from waitlist applicants. As the program approaches, dancers will be selected from the waitlist based on their photographs, not the order in which they were received.

BBSI is a pre-professional ballet program designed for male dancers ages 11 to 21. Our requirements for BBSI include the following:

  • Male dancers must be age 11 by the first day of the program
  • Male dancers must have at least two years of ballet training

Photos MUST be taken no more than 3 months prior to application. Photo submission and registration are ongoing until we reach maximum capacity.

Please note: spots will only be held once tuition has been paid in full. The submission of photographs does not hold a spot at BBSI. BBSI does not provide personal feedback for photo submissions. Not submitting the requested photographs (submitting performance photos instead, etc.) may negatively impact audition results.


Classes include:

  • Ballet Technique
  • Variations
  • Repertoire
  • Acting
  • Conditioning
  • Stretch
  • Jumps & Turns
  • Partnering
  • Informational Seminar / Meet the Artist
  • Weight Training


Jock Soto – Former Principal Dancer with the New York City Ballet / Former Faculty Member at the School of American Ballet (Week Two)

Jeffrey Rogers – Principal Teacher at the Ballet West Academy (Week One)

Patrick Frenette – American Ballet Theatre Corps de Ballet (Weeks One & Two)

Maxim Ponomarenko – International Ballet Academy Ballet Master (Weeks One & Two)

Cameron McCune – American Ballet Theatre Corps de Ballet (Weeks One & Two)

Faculty is subject to change. 


BBSI is for dancers ages 11*-21.

*Dancers must be age 11 by the first day of the program.

Dancers must have at least two years of ballet training.


BBSI Week One OR Week Two: $550.00

BBSI Week One AND Week Two: $900.00

There is an additional $30.00 registration fee and a $30.00 health fee.

Tuition, registration fees, health fees, audition fees, and merchandise purchases are non-refundable.

Dancers will have the option to attend both weeks of BBSI, or choose one of the two weeks to attend.  A tuition discount is offered to families who attend for both weeks.

Boys Ballet Summer Intensive is a proud Partner Intensive at the American Dance Competition | International Ballet Competition. We exclusively offer scholarships to BBSI at this competition. Financial aid is not available.


Dress code at BBSI is mandatory.

Dancers MUST wear a mask at all times in the building unless drinking water or eating. The ONLY approved masks are medical/surgical, KF94, or KN95 (click for examples). No: clear plastic masks, cloth masks, gater masks, bandana masks, face shields, or masks with valves. Masks MUST stay over the nose and mouth at all times.

Ballet Classes: Fitted white t-shirt, black footed tights, black ballet shoes, dance belt (black socks can be worn if the socks meet the tights).

No: tank tops, men’s leotards, large cummerbund, cut off tights, flesh-colored shoes, white ballet shoes, or white socks. Please note: If suspenders are sewn on tights, suspenders must be worn under the t-shirt.

Weight Training: Loose fitting shorts or sweatpants to wear over ballet attire, dance belt, t-shirt or tank top of choice, sneakers. Please note that sneakers are required to participate in Weight Training.

Face should be clean shaven with neat hair. If facial hair is worn for religious reasons, please send us an email.

Men must bring a braided resistance band (click the link for an example) for Weight Training. The level of resistance depends on the dancer’s age and strength level. If the dancer previously attended BBSI, re-assess resistance on the band to determine if a heavier resistance is needed for this year’s session. All dancers are required to bring a yoga mat.


Please click here to view our Health and Safety Protocol.


Refunds due to injuries are offered on a case-by-case basis. A doctor’s note is required for consideration.

Regarding injury withdrawals, 25% of all tuition payments is nonrefundable.

After June 1st, there are no injury refunds.  

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